“When I paint, time disappears….the act of painting takes me away….and for a few moments I am free.”


Created during a blizzard in February of 1966, born in March 1966, Rome, N.Y. Convinced by siblings to be an alien offspring.

Studied at Savannah College of Art and Design. Graduated with a Master of Arts from University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Rome Art and Community Center
Munson Williams Proctor Institute
Arkell Museum
Sculpture Place, Utica, N.Y.

Several years ago after suffering a major loss in my life and encountering an incident with a tick, I found myself spiraling into that deep depression people talk about. One morning I woke up, sat on the side of my bed and literally said, “Good morning Tom, you are the greatest living American artist.” I then poured myself a cup of coffee and started painting. It lifted my spirits and fueled my passion. I never want to stop painting.