Tom Amidon


Born and raised in upstate New York

St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, Pa.- Bachelors

Graduate Work:
Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Ga.
University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pa.-Masters

Member of Warehouse Arts District Association, St. Petersburg, Fl.
Current studio: Arts Exchange Warehouse
515 22nd St S,
St. Petersburg, Fl

Munson Williams Proctor Institute
Rome Art Center
Arkel Musem
Sculpture Space
Morean Art Center
Arts Exchange Gallery

Several years ago, after suffering a major loss in my life, I found myself falling into that deep depression people talk about. One morning, while contemplating what direction to take in my life, I sat on the side of my bed and literally said “ Good morning Tom, you are the Greatest Living American Artist.” I then made a pot of coffee and began painting again, something I had not done for several years. I did this ritual for many months, It lifted my spirits and fueled my passion. I never want to stop painting…….I never will!